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Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the most important driver in Rosneft’s development, an integral component of building a successful Company development strategy; it is the aggregate of the mission and values declared by the Company when it interacts with its employees, partners and clients.

Key initiatives with respect to Rosneft’s corporate culture include the following:

  • Corporate activities
  • Internal communications
  • Opinion polls
  • Business ethics and compliance

Corporate activities include Rosneft’s Winter and Summer Spartakiad Games, Talent Contest ”The best professional”, and Festival “Rosneft lights stars”.

Spartakiad Games have been held by the Company since 2005 and cover more than 100 subsidiaries. In 2014, about 2.5 thousand employees will take part in competitions at all levels.

The Talent Contest ”The best professional” has also become a good tradition among Rosneft’s employees. The first Contest was held in 2005. Nowadays more than 100 subsidiaries take part in this Contest. In 2014, the event will be held at production sites in Krasnodar Krai.

In 2011, the Festival “Rosneft lights stars” became part of the program of the Company’s calendar of corporate events. The Festival’s participants include creative teams from the Company’s subsidiaries consisting of employees and their family members. In 2014, more than 2.1 thousand employees from 91 subsidiaries of Rosneft took part in the Festival. The Festival elimination rounds were held in Krasnodar, Ryazan, Angarsk, Saint Petersburg, Khanty-Mansiysk, Samara, and Moscow. The winners in the contest were granted the opportunity to take part in the Gala Concert in Moscow with participation of Russian pop stars.

Internal communications form an integral part of the Company’s corporate culture, and are considered as one of the main drivers of success. Today Rosneft’s priority task is to inform the personnel of all changes, projects and events that occur in the Company in a timely manner, support cooperation and knowledge sharing among its divisions.

The main internal communication tools in Rosneft are:

  • Corporate home page
  • Meetings with working teams
  • Information boards
  • Internal opinion polls
  • Newsletters
  • Feedback

Communication of the common corporate history also constitutes one of the most important tasks of Rosneft’s corporate culture. It is successfully addressed through the “Corporate Museum” project. The project goals include such important initiatives as creation of the corporate museum network in the branches, creation of the virtual museum site, and interaction with research and culture institutions.

In order to identify correctly the directions for further development of the corporate culture and internal communication system, Rosneft performs opinion polls. Such polls allow to perform the assessment of the level of awareness and satisfaction of the personnel with HR and social programs, identify the areas of potential and existing risks and provide recommendations on development of HR and social policies of the Company.

Business Ethics and Compliance

Rosneft demonstrates bona fide commitment to compliance with requirements and obligations generally assumed worldwide – legislative, ethical and other professional norms and standards. The Company adheres to the principle of zero tolerance to corruption and any forms and manifestations in the course of exercising its operational, Investorsment and other activities.

Rosneft has in place a Business Ethics Council, which, being a Company advisory authority provides support to the Company’s business units on the issues relating application of the provisions of Rosneft’s Code of Business Ethics, system of implementation thereof in the Company, develops recommendations for Company managers and officers in the sphere of business ethics and compliance, controls compliance with the Code requirements, participates in the resolution of ethics-related conflicts.

Under the aegis of the Business Ethics Council, a Compliance Working Group has been organized, which is headed by the Vice President for Business Legal Support. The group’s objectives include updating of the fundamental documents, organization and holding of workshops and notification of the employees of the main compliance risks and activities aimed at prevention thereof subject to subsequent control over the conformity of the Company’s activities to the requirements proposed by the Working Group.

Furthermore, the Company trains its employees in compliance; it has an operating Safety Hotline (SHL). The information about SHL is published at the corporate web-site, in the corporate and regional press.

In order to ensure the support of hotline operation, the Company has in place the “Regulation on verification of hotline information”, which stipulates the mechanism for taking notice of corruption cases.

The Company deems any manifestations of corporate fraud unacceptable, regardless of the amount of the resulting.

In accordance with the compliance principles, in awareness campaign is rolled out in order to in order to prevent corruption and form zero-tolerance attitude to fraudulent practices among the Company management and employees. The information about measures taken to combat corporate fraud and prevention of corruption is published in the Company’s internal information editions.

Rosneft Code of Business Ethics, 1270 Kb

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